Lone Wolf is a collection of 28 (soon to be 32) gamebooks, created by Joe Dever and initially illustrated (books 1-8) by Gary Chalk. The series began publishing in July 1984 and became one of the most popular ever published, selling more than 10.2 million copies worldwide.

The story focuses on the fictional world of Magnamund, where the forces of good and evil fight for control of the planet. The protagonist is Lone Wolf, last of his caste of warrior monks known as Kai Lords. The book series is written in the second person and recounts Lone Wolf's adventures as if the reader is the main character. As Lone Wolf, the reader makes choices at regular intervals throughout the story which then change the course, and the final outcome, of the book.

Although the series ceased publication between 1998 and 2007, a dedicated fan base established Project Aon in 1999 and subsequently converted many of the books to HTML format. Joe Dever gave his permission for Project Aon to distribute the books online via the internet. Subsequently, there has been a strong revival of interest in Lone Wolf, particularly in Italy, Spain, and France where the books were republished between 2002-2006. In 2007, Mongoose Publishing has announced that all of the Lone Wolf books, including books 29-32 which were never published, are being printed. Several adaptations also exist of the Lone Wolf series, including a D20-style role-playing game from Mongoose Publishing Ltd UK, the company which is currently republishing the original Lone Wolf gamebooks. The series was also converted into computer games.

There is also an upcoming Lone Wolf computer game and mobile phone game. However, Ksatria Gameworks, the developer of this new video game, had to close its doors in February 2009 due to a lack of funding. Red Entertainment, maker of the Gungrave video games, has since revived the project.

In July 2009, it was announced that Convergence Entertainment had secured the rights to make a live-action movie based on the Lone Wolf series.

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