Ion Llewellyn Idriess, OBE (20 September 1889 - 6 June 1979) was a prolific and influential Australian author. He wrote more than 50 books over 43 years between 1927 to 1969.  In 1928 Idriess settled in Sydney where he wrote as a freelance writer. His writing style drew on his experiences as a soldier, prospector, and bushman. He wrote on a multitude of topics, including travel, recollection, biography, history, anthropology and his own ideas on possible future events. His books were generally non-fiction, but written in a narrative, story style. Idriess wrote from real life experiences using knowledge he had personally gained by travelling extensively and working at a variety of occupations. "Idriess was no stylist, but his writing was immediate, colourful, well paced and, despite the speed at which it was written, always well structured."  

Although he generally wrote under his name, his early articles for The Bulletin were written under the pen-name of "Gouger". When travelling, Idriess was known as "Jack".

In 1968 he was awarded an OBE for his services to publishing.

Ion L Idriess

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