Go Girl!

Real life. Real girls. Go Girl! is a brand new series of fiction books that young independent readers will delight in. Each title deals with situations that girls of this reading age are facing in their lives. These books have simple, relevant stories about characters experiencing and exploring new situations.

While readers are absorbed by these engrossing stories, the books are also a model for how to handle new situations and difficult people, as well as consider their options and behaviour. The books give young girls a presence and an independence to know what to expect in the new and exciting environments they are constantly facing. They will help empower young girls to have the confidence and ability to handle life’s ups and downs with gusto.

The Go Girl! books are about normal girls taking control or being able to choose their path of action in different life situations. Many strategies are presented and there are lessons to be learned within the framework of enjoyable stories.

Go Girl! Angels #1 Team Troubles by Chrissie Perry : SC Kid's

Go Girl! Angels : Team Troubles  by Chrissie Perry   ISBN: 9781921288258 FORMAT: Paperback 20cm x 13cm PAGES: 90 CONDITION: Good:... more info

GO GIRL! Difference #5 Splash Down by Rowan McAuley SC Book

The Go Girl! Difference #5 Splash Down  by Chrissie Perry   ISBN: 9781921417856 FORMAT: Paperback 20cm x 13cm PAGES: 89 CONDITION: Used:... more info

GO GIRL! Two Sides #2 Stage Fright by Rowan McAuley : PB Book

Go Girl! Two Sides (to every story) #2 Stage Fright : Ching Ching and Olivia by Rown McAuley     ISBN: 9781921417429 FORMAT: Softcover... more info
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