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HEARN, Lian : Grass for His Pillow : HC #2 Tales of the Otori


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Grass for His Pillow

by Lian Hearn 


ISBN: 0733615635

FORMAT: Hardcover 22cm x 14cm

PAGES: 353

CONDITION: Good: shelf and reading wear.

EDITION: c2003, Hodder

WEIGHT: 600g (parcel rate)

I drew Jato from its scabbard and gazed on the blade, thinking of the fire that had forged it into this combination of delicacy, strength and lethal sharpness. The folds in the steel gave it a beautiful wave-like pattern. It was Shigeru's gift to me, along with my name and my life. I held the sword on both hands and went through the ancient movements ha had taught me in Hagi.

Jato sang to me of blood and war.


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