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CHRIS HOWARTH & STEVE LYONS : Red Dwarf Programme Guide PB


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Red Dwarf Programme Guide: The Revised Edition

by Chris Howarth & Steve Lyons

ISBN: 0863696821

COVER: Paperback 11cm x 18cm

PAGES: 286

CONDITION: Good - covers are creased, some spine bending, still a great copy for the Red Dwarf fan.

c1993 reprint 1995

WEIGHT: 300g (parcel rate)

Despite its new improved bang-up-to-dateness this book still won't make you handsome or popular at parties. But it will answer once and for all those embarrassing personal questions:

  • When was Gazpacho Soup Day?
  • Who had his appendix removed twice?
  • How many rehydratable chickens are stored on RED DWARF?

At last, the answer to all these questions as well as thousands of other bite-size chunks of nonessential information, can be found in this valuable yet temptingly inexpensive and smeg-free guide to the greatest cult SF comedy in this universe (and most of the others).

The first edition of this best-selling guide has been reprinted three times. This new edition contains MORE WORDS!

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