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LUSH Shannon FLEMING Jennifer Spotless Stainless Cleaning Book


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Spotless with Stainless (2in1)

by Shannon Lush and Jennifer Fleming


ISBN: 9780733317125/9780733319327

FORMAT: Paperback 18cm x 13cm

PAGES: 228 + 207

CONDITION: Very Good: light shelf and reading wear.

EDITION: c2005/2006, July 2007, ABC Books.

WEIGHT: 500g (parcel rate)


How do you get chewing gum off a leather jacket?

I put a hot pot on the kitchen bench and it's left a scorch mark? Can I remove it?

My 3 year old got hold of a black permanent pen and wrote all over the cream furniture. It's a disaster!

We're repainting the bathroom walls. How can we stop the mould coming back?   


Do any of these daily domestic disasters sound familiar? These problems and hundreds more are answered in Spotless, and Stainless by ABC Local Radio's domestic guru Shannon Lush.


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